As an employer, there are a number of ways you can implement measures that will increase opportunity, equity, and economic mobility for all of your employees.

These are steps you can take today to start making a difference:

  • Advocate for changes in housing zoning, to allow for the right density to lower costs of housing for the workforce.
  • Let us know about land that your company owns that could be used for housing.
  • Set goals and implement a diversity scorecard and metrics to track your progress.
  • Advocate for measures to increase post-secondary educational attainment and decrease financial burden for students by maximizing federal assistance, scholarships, concurrent enrollment, flexibility and lower-cost options.
  • Remove unnecessary degree requirements and establish skill and competency-based requirements for jobs.
  • Provide every employee earning less than $40,000/year an annual meeting with HR to explore career options and maximize education benefit.
  • Develop incentives to support employers who are training and upskilling workforce.
  • Change benefits based on the needs of lower-paid workers – transportation, childcare, training and/or tuition reimbursement.
  • Establish mentorships and coaching relationships with small businesses.
  • Develop targeted networking opportunities with entrepreneurs.
  • Build relationships and provide exposure to start-up and small business networks.
  • Accept interns and support their current and future learning.
  • If relevant, participate in our convenings to figure out how to partner with philanthropy and other lenders to increase funding for small businesses and housing projects.


Prosper CO is focused on providing more Coloradans with quality jobs, reducing barriers for small business owners and increasing access to affordable housing.