As an elected official or community leader, there are several steps you can take within your community to ensure Colorado’s economy is working for all.

These are steps you can take today to start making a difference:

  • Volunteer to mentor and support small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Connect employers to alternative hiring pools.
  • Develop targeted networking opportunities among successful small business owners.
  • Reduce land costs by changing zoning codes (density, parking, Accessory Dwelling Units).
  • Maximize publicly and privately owned land to build affordable housing such as parking lots at hospitals or school district land to build workforce housing.
  • Expand partnerships between BIPOC and traditional lenders.
  • The government is also a large employer, there are many strategies to engage the government.
  • Increase down payment assistance programs and first-time homebuyer incentives for broader income range.
  • Advocate for increased post-secondary educational attainment and decrease the financial burden for students by maximizing federal assistance, scholarships, concurrent enrollment, flexibility and lower-cost options.
  • Support incentives for employers who are training, upskilling, or doing Fair Chance Hiring.
  • Support greater flexibility for childcare provider licensure.
  • Increase access, proximity and availability of training for small businesses.
  • Collaborate in providing a back-office resource sharing program.


Prosper CO is focused on providing more Coloradans with quality jobs, reducing barriers for small business owners and increasing access to affordable housing.