Prosper CO partnered with Slalom Consulting to create the Prosper Compass, a tool to map the jobs in your organization into three determining categories:

Right now jobs | Earn less than $45,000
Pathway jobs | Earn $45,000 – $68,000
Opportunity jobs | Earn more than $68,000

Logo for Prosper Colorado Compass program

We believe that all of us as employers have a responsibility to ensure our region and economy grow in a more inclusive way, and this tool was designed to help you determine where your company is today, by comparing employee’s demographic data against their incomes.

To utilize the Prosper Compass, please sign in below, you will then be prompted to enter contact information and select the level of anonymity you would prefer, ensuring your data is stored safely and securely. You will upload a CSV file with employee data and receive a report on your organization that allows you and your team to identify where you stand and then set goals for your company – no matter the size.

Prosper CO is ready to provide resources, best practices, connections or consulting to help you set goals based on your Prosper Compass results.

Questions? Send us an email.