Take steps to increase the diversity of your applicant pools.

In 2017, Metro Denver’s average wage was over $63,000, according to data from the U.S. Census and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, Black workers made up just 2% of employees earning that amount, while Latinx workers made up just 10% of employees earning that amount.

Denver has a strong, diverse talent pipeline that we encourage you to target for future recruitment. These training and education providers offer skill-based training and are willing to work with employers to ensure you’re hiring skilled workers.

Activate Workforce Solutions

Trains individuals in general office and IT support.


Trains individuals in a range of technical certificates.

Metro State University of Denver

Their College to Career Hub will help you find diverse MSU grads. Contact

University of Colorado Boulder

Offers four-year degrees and is home to the Office of Diversity and Women’s Empowerment Initiative.

Turing School of Coding and Design

Trains individuals in software development.


Helps match Black, Latinx and Native American students and professionals with employers.

Kenzie Academy

Trains individuals in software engineering and UX design.

Additional Resources

Learn more about how to hire based on skills, not just degree requirements.

Check out these resources on an equitable hiring set of resources.

Expand your pool of talent by considering Fair Chance Hiring

Post job openings to the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce’s job board. It is a trusted source for our training partners.