Show your commitment to fair chance hiring.

Colorado employers in all three sectors – private, public and nonprofit – want to do more to promote criminal justice reform and fair chance hiring. This means giving every person a fair chance at being hired, even if they have a criminal record.

Colorado spends $660 million a year on incarceration and has one of the highest recidivism rates in the nation at 50 percent. Colorado voters approved “Ban the Box” legislation in 2019, which prohibits employers from asking whether a candidate has a felony on their job applications. We must do more to make sure that the 650,000+ Americans released from prison every year are able to get a good job and earn a decent wage.

We understand that there are many rules and barriers in the way so, we are partnering with a Fair Chance Hiring Coalition to make it simple for you to learn more about fair chance hiring. Learn more about the coalition.


is a company with offices in Denver that uses AI-powered technology,

helps their customers, both big and small, run their background checks.

will help make safer, more informed hiring decisions in less time.

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