Engage in best practices to retain diverse teammates in your workplace.

Research has demonstrated that companies that have more diversity report higher innovation growth, make better business decisions, and produce more revenue. The data is conclusive on the benefits of hiring a diverse workforce, and you can enact many strategies to hire and retain diverse candidates in a purposeful way.

Apprenticeships are a great way to diversify your workforce. and allow you to hire and develop employees based on skills. Learn how Trelora created an apprenticeship for their small company and hired diverse talent from MSU Denver.

CareerWise is revolutionizing apprenticeships. They work with employers in most industries to develop the apprenticeship path and will help you connect with qualified youth.

Strategies to diversify and retain your talent:

Hire based on skills, not just degrees.

Evaluate job postings and remove credential qualifications that are not truly required.

Evaluate the language in job descriptions to ensure inclusivity.

Determine what skills and competencies your employees need to thrive in different positions in your company.

Select candidates based on their skills using a quantitative process to remove potential biases during evaluation.

Additional Resources

Skillful provides tools and resources to support employers as they develop and implement skill-based practices. Get full access by visiting training.skillful.com, Access Code: ECOPROSPER21

The Colorado Workforce Development Council’s Talent Development Playbook.

Read about how to adopt skill-based hiring from the Society for Human Resource Management.

Learn how Employee Resource Groups can be used to foster diverse and inclusive workspaces from MIT.

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