Ensure that your benefits structure reflects the needs of your employees.

Employee benefits can range from traditional to innovative; anywhere from providing comprehensive health care to all employees to offering financial literacy training. When you provide support to your employees through a variety of benefits, you will not only increase employee satisfaction but also facilitate employees’ upskilling and retention.

Employees will be able to bring their best to the workplace when you support them through their real-life challenges – from transportation to housing to child care.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Provide health care to all full- and part-time employees.

Provide paid time off and short-term disability.

Offer short-term, low-interest emergency loans for employees or an employee-to-employee crowdsource solution for emergencies.

Understand the government benefits “cliff effect” and monitor the impact on your employees.

Provide incentives and support for employees to complete further schooling, certification, training programs, and mentorship opportunities.

Support employees as caregivers by offering child care resources.

Offer transportation and parking benefits and incentives.

Additional Resources

WorkLife Partnership offers strategies to ensure your employees are meeting their potential at work.

Denver Community Credit Union offers free personalized financial education courses and coaching.

Made to Impact helps your employees plan for the more practical areas of their financial lives.

Resources are available if you are a small business in the retail and hospitality sector and have employees that could benefit from a grant due to decreased hours.

Read about how KPMG increased its benefits offerings to better support employees.

Contact us for more information about what you can do.