Help your employees address their housing needs by educating yourself and engaging in conversations with elected and appointed public officials and neighbors to build more housing that is affordable.

As part of our research for Prosper CO, we surveyed and interviewed hundreds of leaders of nonprofits, residents being served by those nonprofits, business leaders, employees, public officials and elected officials all across our region. Three out of four people interviewed during this process identified affordable housing as the single greatest challenge facing our region. Too many workers spend well over 30% of their income on rent and many can’t afford to buy a home.

Unfortunately, affordable housing proposals far too often meet opposition from nearby residents who may have misconceptions about safety, property values, traffic or access to parks and open space.

We’re taking a multi-strategy approach that includes advocating for long-term policy, sharing the stories of people – many in surprising occupations – who have struggled to find affordable housing in our region, as well as turning our business leaders into advocates for affordable housing in their communities.

Watch this video to see the long-term effects of redlining in communities.

Additional Resources

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Invite your employees to participate in a training about homebuying from CHFA.

Read about changes Minneapolis made to their zoning laws to increase affordability.

Contact us to learn more about how you can get involved.