Prosper CO Launches Diversity-Benchmarking Tool for Employers

The Denver Metro Chamber’s Prosper CO initiative has created Compass, a diversity-benchmark tool to help employers reflect and analyze their workplace’s diversity. As the Harvard Business Review suggests, Compass provides Colorado organizations the opportunity to compare their workforce data to the region’s diversity data to create awareness about the diversity of their organization. This awareness helps organizations create goals for the future and form an action plan that supports the changes they want to see in their workforce. Without reflecting on our own workplaces, we cannot progress in our goal of making Colorado’s economy one that works for all people.

This tool has come at a crucial time for employers in Colorado. Women and BIPOC workers are disproportionately represented within the income bracket earning $45,000 or less, with women making up 53% and people of color making up 32% of workers in this bracket. Meanwhile, women and BIPOC workers are underrepresented in the $68,000 and above income bracket, with women only making up 34% and people of color making up 11% of this bracket.

With this data in mind, Colorado employers must critically observe our own workplaces and see how they can implement best practices, so we can be a part of creating an economy that works for all. This is one of the reasons why Prosper CO created Compass – to provide organizations with a tool to make self-reflection more streamlined and easy to observe.

Another purpose for Compass is to help organizations create goals for the future and form an action plan to support better pay for their employees. By joining Compass and increasing your workplace transparency, you will attract a more diverse workforce, giving you access to new and innovative ideas that will progress your company. Additionally, every organization that utilizes Compass helps Prosper CO expand its data to eventually compare organizations by size of company or industry.

Getting involved with Compass shows that your organization has an interest and dedication to implementing best practices, and this effort could be the first step in your company’s reformation journey. Email the Prosper team to learn more about how Compass can impact your workplace today!

Prosper CO is ready to provide resourcesbest practicesconnections or consulting to help you set goals based on your Prosper Compass results.

Looking for more ways to positively impact diversity and best workplace practices? Take our Prosper CO Top 10 Survey to help us learn what our members are practicing, this way we can provide the best resources, tools and support to our community.

Visit the Compass webpage.

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