Already Dreaming About Summer ... Internships?

The snow may be piling up outside, but many students are already thinking about where they’ll spend their summer. Have you thought about what internships your business may have available?

Gone are the days where interns had menial tasks like fetching coffee, making copies or cleaning up after meetings. According to the National Survey of College Internships’ (NSCI) 2021 Report, students are looking for opportunities that allow them to engage in independent work and develop transferrable skills, with 72% of interns reporting that they were assisting with high-skill tasks and autonomous work.

The Denver Metro Chamber’s Prosper CO has launched an internships and apprenticeships section on our Job Board to help connect eager students with skilled businesses. When you post your openings there, you will find the quality candidates who want to build their skills early in their careers, and you may alleviate the kind of workforce shortage we’re experiencing now.

Businesses that provide internships and apprenticeships can reap the benefits for years to come. You are not just providing a student with work experience, you are finding future employees who will grow your workforce. Not to mention, an intern transferring to a full-time employee will require much less training than a new hire. Additionally, many businesses are experiencing a shortage of workers in today’s environment, and hiring interns helps to close the skills gap that your business may be struggling to fill. By taking on interns and giving them the opportunity to learn the skills in your field, you are building a stronger workforce that will benefit both your industry and your business in the future.

The NSCI Report also found that about 40% of students interested in internships said they needed a paid job and could not afford to work an unpaid internship. That’s almost half the applicant pool that you are missing out on if you are offering unpaid internships. Paid internships show that your business is engaging in best practices to retain diverse teammates in your workplace and taking steps to increase the diversity of your applicant pool. Many internship opportunities are unpaid, so not only would your paid opportunity attract more talent, but it would stand out against the hundreds of other internship opportunities that organizations will be offering.

When you engage current students, you prepare your business for the future. Taking on a new intern today can lead to years of employment and growth for both the intern and your business, and there are a variety of resources available to businesses wanting to get involved.

Do you want to recruit new, talented workers but are unsure where to start? Many businesses partner with other organizations to create internships or apprenticeships with the goal to hire. Organizations like CareerWise, universities and community colleges are always looking to partner with local businesses who want to open their workplace to fresh talent. You can also contact Prosper CO’s team for more information.

What can you do to fill your summer internships? If you’re a Chamber member, you can post your openings to our Job Board. Not a member? Contact our Sales team.